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Print Version, Cover, and Editor's Note
Published by Monkeywright on 2009/10/31 (4192 reads)

How often each day do people of faith find ways to skirt these Commandments?

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Ten Little Rules. Do this. Donít do that. How often each day do people of faith find ways to skirt these Commandments? How often do those who donít practice find themselves obeying these rules anyway? How much time is spent justifying these transgressions or atoning for flaunting these orders? The ten stories contained in this issue of Colored Chalk each tackle one Commandment. Some of them involve faith and religion directly, while others are informed only by the spirit of the rule. I leave you with this final editorsí commandment: If you like these stories, share them with your friends!

issue 10 editor, Michael Paul Gonzalez
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