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 Issue 5: Sins of the Father
We've got a daddy issue.
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Published by Monkeywright on 2008/11/30 (5311 reads)

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Published by Peter Schwartz [PeterSchwartz] on 2008/11/30 (4377 reads)
In childhood, time is something different. At ten my father tells me to sit on my bed and wait for my punishment. He will be back in five minutes.

Published by Caleb on 2008/11/30 (5143 reads)
Tiny William Lowson stretched his right eye open with masking tape. The strips frame his eyeball. He wants to see the world how his father sees it.

Published by Wickerkat on 2008/11/30 (7834 reads)
Rubbing my thumb and forefinger over my eyelids, stars shoot across my vision as circles morph into headlights, and the dull thud of his car door fills my head with cotton.

Published by Alex J. Martin [Alex] on 2008/11/30 (4107 reads)
His skin burnt to leather by the sun, my father came home on the heels of dusk and drank water until he ached.

Published by Morey on 2008/11/30 (4921 reads)
My parents split the spring after the summer that my father spent fucking a semi-famous actress. My mother found out about this when we returned from Northern Michigan for the school year.

Published by Stephengrahamjones on 2008/11/30 (7709 reads)
Martin liked to stay drunk around his son. As a lesson, an example of what not to do, how not to be.

Published by Colin McKay Miller [Sardonic_Artery] on 2008/11/30 (4195 reads)
I point the gun at him, but he donít move.

Published by Eddy on 2008/11/30 (4874 reads)
i need to tell you how i feel about you and all the days ive spent here in this whitewashed room filled with machines that never stop filling space with a low harrowing hum while the stench of stale sterile air and disinfectant burns my nostrils

Published by Jason M. Heim [jase] on 2008/11/30 (4056 reads)
Even now, you're a mystery. Your deceitful eyes are pleading, that much is certain, but it's unclear what they're asking.

Published by Chuck on 2008/11/30 (4823 reads)
There is only one sin left, and I know where she is waiting.

Published by Nikronomican on 2008/11/30 (4380 reads)
I dodged his jab, but dropped my stance and caught his right on my cheek, sending squares of blood across the screen. Lime-green spirals shot from my head as Coach barked syllables and clapped his hands.

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