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Posted by jase on 2006/8/28 19:39:41 (5946 reads)

I had read in Google's help forums that the ad-swapping technique I used as a basis for AdPie is already in use on multiple sites. However, to be safe, I inquired with their technical staff anyway. This is my email, and ensuing positive response:

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Posted by jase on 2006/8/23 19:37:33 (4787 reads)

Read this if you have questions about how AdPie works, and add a comment if you still need more information. This article will grow as new issues arise.

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Posted by jase on 2006/5/7 17:07:22 (7791 reads)


Give a man a fish;
You have fed him for today.
Teach a man to fish;
You have fed him for a lifetime.

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Posted by admin on 2006/2/25 9:06:22 (5337 reads)

Becoming a Contributor

If this site succeeds, it will be because of the collaboration and contributions of its community in producing animations with depth to draw a solid online audience. The goal is to share and combine artistic skills, bringing prose and artwork to life in new and interesting ways. The basis of any piece should be rooted in a solid theme or story.

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Posted by admin on 2006/2/24 19:26:17 (5064 reads)

Colored Chalk Submissions - Reading Material

In the interests of presenting content other than fiction and poetry in Flash animations, Colored Chalk has a section called "Reading Material" for tutorials, non-fiction, and editorials.

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Posted by admin on 2006/1/29 19:51:45 (4718 reads)

It seems the community forum is working and stable now. Only the Public areas will be visible to guests and the new members who sign up. The workshop area is still being built.

Mission Statement:

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What this site is about:
  • To entertain and inspire with good stories, poems, and themes developed in animation.
  • To share techniques and ideas for bringing various artistic mediums online
  • To collaborate creatively in exploring Flash's potential for reinventing media.
  • To generate discussion and critical thinking about life and the world we live in.
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